Instructional Design for Senior-professionals and Trainers (IDST) Certificate Course

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Name of the Course:

Instructional Design Senior-professionals and Trainers (IDST) Certificate Course

Who should join?

  • Senior Trainers/Training Managers who would like to learn instructional design to map it to their current jobs for making their trainings more effective.
  • Sales/Marketing Managers working in the area of training/L&D who wish to use the knowledge of instructional design to communicate more effectively and profitably with their clients.
  • Instructional Design Analysts/Consultants/Senior Consultants/Other Senior Professionals who have worked in eLearning content development or managed teams of content writers, and who wish to map their practical knowledge to the concepts of instructional design.
  • Lecturers, Readers, and Professors who would like to use instructional design to make their classes more interesting and effective.

The ideal candidate for this course has:

  1. Good spoken and written English,
  2. Past work-experience in training and/or management functions, and
  3. A keen desire to push the limit of excellence in training and content creation by integrating the skill of instructional design with prior knowledge and experience.

Important Notes:

  1. This course will need your unwavering commitment and about 10-12 hours of your time on a weekly basis.
  2. This course assumes that the learner has worked in the learning/training function but has no formal knowledge of Instructional Design.

Expected Entry Skills:

Language Skills: Good command over spoken and written English.
Computer Skills: Basic computer and Internet skills.
Education: Graduation in any discipline
Work Experience: Individuals with significant experience in training or/and management will be given preference.

Primary Course Goal:

Upon completing this course, the learner should be able to use instructional design to establish knowledge-leadership in training, training content creation, and the management of training/content development-related processes.

In other words, the learner shall learn Instructional Design concepts/methods and combine them with their experiences in the learning domain. This will help them develop expertise in applying the knowledge of instructional design theories and models to execute and manage training design, training implementation, and client communication more effectively.

I am confident the IDST Participants will be experts in designing and reviewing content and mentoring their team-members toward effective content creation. I also expect them to become confident in establishing instructionally-effective processes for designing and delivering effective training programs in their respective organizations.

The IDST Content Outline:

    1. Instructional Design – An Introduction
    2. The Approaches to Instructional Design
    3. Application of Behaviorism, Cognitivism, Constructivism – overlap and interdependency.
    4. Training design and development & the ADDIE model.
    5. The three analyses – importance and methods.
    6. Application of the Cognitive Load Theory in content creation/training delivery.
    7. Application of Robert Mager’s framework for writing objectives
    8. Different learning styles & content creation/training delivery
    9. Learning and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
    10. Motivating the learner through the ARCS model
    11. The three learning domains and their inter-dependency
    12. Dave’s taxonomy and psychomotor domain content creation
    13. Krathwohl’s taxonomy and affective domain content creation
    14. Bloom’s taxonomy and cognitive domain content creation
    15. Gagne’s nine events of instruction
    16. The practical application of Gagne’s design framework
    17. Application of Dale’s cone of experience in content writing & training delivery
    18. Use of Dale’s classification in the learning mediums of today
    19. Knowles’ theory of andragogy
    20. Impact of culture on the application of adult learning principles
    21. The Kirkpatrick model for summative evaluation and its application
    22. Understanding eLearning/blended and eLearning Development Processes.
    23. Content classification for ILTs, eLearning, and Blended Learning – The Central Premise.
    24. The design and development process for ILTs
    25. Chunking content for the different components of ILTs
    26. Instructional structuring the sessions
    27. Determining and designing effective activities
    28. Structuring content to meet design requirements
    29. Addressing the intended audience through instructional writing / training design
    30. Icebreakers – Concept and Design
    31. Training games – Concept and Design
    32. Instructional Storytelling
    33. Role Play activities – Concept and Design
    34. Assessment Rubrics – Concept and Application

Some of the Instructional Design Principles covered in the course are:

  1. The Three Approaches to Instructional Design
  2. Knowles’ Theory of Andragogy
  3. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  4. Keller’s ARCS Model of Motivation
  5. The Three Learning Domains
  6. Dave’s Taxonomy
  7. Bloom’s Taxonomy
  8. Krathwohl’s Taxonomy
  9. Learning Styles
  10. Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction
  11. The ADDIE Model
  12. Kirkpatrick Model for Summative Evaluation
  13. The Cognitive Load Theory

The IDST Course Methodology:

Instructional Design tells us how to create effective courses and learning programs, so to begin with, this course is designed and will be delivered strictly according to the same ID principles that it promises to help you master :)


The IDST Certificate Course uses:

  • Real-life cases to illustrate the ID principles.
  • Contextual examples
  • Weekly Assignments that enable you to practice what you’ve learned.
  • Weekly Online Discussions
  • Continuous practice, Evaluation, and Feedback
  • Quizzes
  • Online Test

Course Duration:

2 Months – 16 Sessions of 1.5 hours each, classes on Sundays.
(Please Note: The course is conducted as a classroom training program in Noida in Delhi-NCR.)

Course Conducted By:

Shafali R. Anand
Founder & Chief Envisionist
Creative Agni Consulting and Training
Former Chief Instructional Architect, Wavelength
Editor & Publisher - Creative Agni - An eZine for Instructional Design & eLearning. )

Shafali R. Anand designed Wavelength’s Online Courses & Training Programs for Instructional Design and eLearning, and conducted/facilitated them for six years. You can read what Shafali Anand's past course participants have to say about her and the courses that she designed and conducted.

You can read more about Shafali here.

Course Fee:

Rs. 39,000/- (all-inclusive and payable in two equal instalments.)

The IDST Certificate:

Upon your successful completion of the course, you will receive the Instructional Design for Senior Professionals and Trainers Certificate from Creative Agni.

How to Join the IDST Certificate Course?

If you are interested in taking the IDST Certificate course to empower yourself as a content professional, send an email to .


Instructional Design for Senior-professionals and Trainers ( IDST) Certificate Course

Next Course Session begins on November 3, 2019 - Registrations On.

IDST Course Participants' Views

"It was a great and unique learning experience for me to take and complete the IDST course.

Now, I can confidently apply the instructional design theories and models in the work assignments for my organization. Due to the relevant examples provided in the course, I was able to grasp the learning more easily. Additionally, the weekly discussions, the quizzes, the assignments, and the online test helped me strengthen my learning throughout the course. My dedication and commitment towards the learning sessions and the assignments finally paid off with my successful completion of the course, and will ensure the long-term retention of the knowledge gained through it."

- Sachin Malhotra, Quality Analyst, Piron Corporation, Noida (Delhi - NCR)

"IDST is a well designed course that touches the right level for senior professionals. Every aspect of the course - the structure, the concept clarity, the examples, and the assignments - is really impressive. The discussion forum provided a great platform to interact with other participants. The course design followed exactly what it taught. The Examples and the activities were relevant and related to real life/work scenarios. Feedback was constructive and really motivating. Though, with my busy schedule it was quite challenging to meet the timelines of the assignments, it was not stress-generating. I enjoyed every moment I spent with the course and I regret that it came to an end.

I have started analysing my work assignments with the concepts learnt and have also started recommending the IDST course to my friends."

- Anil Kumar, Senior SME, Educomp Solutions Ltd., Noida (Delhi - NCR)


IDST Course
Participants' Views

"I was looking for a course in Instructional Design that would impart in-depth clarity on the application of the Instructional Design theory, principles and not just theoretical knowledge. One of my colleagues suggested 2 courses (IDCD course and IDST course) from Creative Agni.

Both the courses looked similar so I spoke with Shafali.R.Anand ,who helped me to decided which course I need to pursue as per my experience and qualification.In my opinion the IDST course is more appropriate and relevant for a senior executive however would insist to speak with Shafali before deciding on the course.

The course is well structured and provides an inspiring environment in which participants from diverse backgrounds contribute to discussions, offering different views and their rich experience. The interaction with Shafali and the other participants enriched my knowledge and exposure. It did not only refresh what I have learned from my past experience and other corporate training courses, it frequently inspired me with new perspectives.

I am looking forward to use the learning from the course and I am sure it will benefit me for the rest of my life – both personal and professional."

- Saumya Roy, Senior Manager Training (Bancassurance),
Max Life Insurance Co. Ltd. , Gurgaon (Delhi - NCR)

"I was looking for a program in Instructional Design (ID) which combines both theory and practice and therefore decided to enrol for the IDST Certificate Course with Creative Agni.

What impressed me the most about the course was the use of different ID principles in teaching it. Along with the classroom sessions, there were assignments, quizzes as well as a very interactive online discussion forum, which made the learning experience both enjoyable and effective.

I am confident of applying many of these ID concepts both in my role as a teacher and as a learning and development consultant."

- Eklavya Sinha, National Manager (Succession Planning & Accelerated Development),
Aon Hewitt (formerly Hewitt Associates), Gurgaon (Delhi - NCR)

"The course is very well structured and begins with the principles, theories, and frameworks of Instructional Design which is then followed by applying them in the Classroom and Home Assignments. Every assignment relates to the organization with which we work, which helps make it logically and practically applicable. The discussion forum is one of the most interesting aspects of the course as it ensures learning through the week followed by real life scenarios where the concepts learnt needed to be applied and discussed. The evaluation was well timed within the course followed by the final presentation and online test which was an icing on the cake.

Today I feel confident of applying my knowledge. Last but not the least I would like to make a special mention of Shafali who will go out of the way to ensure success in each learner’s learning thereby making it effective and her advices are something to vouch for. Thank you for such an amazing learning experience Shafali!!!"

- Tanu Krishnan , Executive - Learning & Development - Advisory Services,
Ernst & Young Pvt Ltd , Gurgaon (Delhi - NCR)

"I was looking for a course in Instructional Design; my colleague suggested that I should connect with Creative Agni. After enquiry, I have finally decided to join IDST course. The unique part of this course was; it helped to apply ID principles & models in the shortest period of time at my work place.

The IDST program has provided me with the necessary skill sets; it was a perfect mix of knowledge & application. This course provided me with a personalized learning & all credit goes to Shafali Ma’am. She is an excellent mentor & always provide exceptional support to every learner (not only as a mentor, but as a friend too.)

Thank you so much Shafali Ma’am for such an amazing experience."

- Manjari Relan,
Vertical Lead - Learning, Creations & Development,
TSEI Private Lt , New Delhi.

"The IDST program was a great learning experience for me. These 8 weeks of learning instructional design principles and putting them each one into practice was quite challenging and exciting at the same time. I appreciate the diligence that has gone into designing of this program. All the aspect of this program seems to be meticulously designed and well thought of. I believe that it has everything that an instructional design program for senior professionals must have. Right from the weekly assignments, to discussion forums, to quizzes, impromptu questions, to online test, everything was designed and delivered with perfection.

It has instilled the much need confidence in me for applying the Instructional Design principles in my role as an eLearning Project Manager. I am feeling empowered with all this knowledge and direction.!"

- Ravinder Sachdeva,
Program Manager (eLearning),
FCS Software Solutions Ltd. , Noida (Delhi - NCR)

"I was looking for a classroom-based ID course. Initially I was interested in the IDCD course, however, Shafali suggested me the IDST course based on my experience & qualifications. I would suggest everyone to speak with Shafali before deciding on the course. The IDST course is well-structured and provides an environment where we can share our views and experience. It was lot of fun along with learning.

What I liked most about the course that there were online discussion, concept assignments, quizzes and project assignments which made the learning experience effective. I really liked the way Shafali conducted this course. Her invaluable advice during the course has really helped me in both personal and professional growth. Thank you so much Shafali for your support, encouragement and a great learning experience.

I am looking forward to applying the learning from the course."

- Deepak Wadhwa, SME Trainer,
British Telecom. , Gurgaon (Delhi - NCR)

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