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The Instructional Design for Content Development & Training (IDCDT - Online) Certificate Course

(The IDCDT Online Course is a 2.5 month course, which is offered four times a year. Sessions begin in January, April, July, and October.)


The Instructional Design and Content
                        Develoment Certificate Course by Shafali R. Anand

Read Testimonials / Reviews of our Earlier Course Participants

Registrations are now OPEN for the July-Sept 2024 session of the IDCDT Online Certificate Course (Classes on Zoom)

Course Commences on: July 14, 2024

Download the Application Form

Last Date for Submission of Application: June 15, 2024


About the Online Implementation of the IDCDT Course

The online sessions of the IDCDT course are conducted exactly as the contact sessions, except that the Sunday classes are organized in the form of Zoom meetings (3.5 hours every Sunday for ten Sundays.) The assignments, project administration, class-activities, online discussions are conducted in the same manner as the IDCDT course. The fee of the contact course and the online course are the same. The course shall require the same dedication from the participant that is expected from a contact course participant.

Visit "How to join the IDCDT Online Course" section to download the application form.


Name of the Course:

Instructional Design for Content Development and Training (IDCDT) Certificate Course

Who should join?

Content Writers, Content Developers, Instructional Designers, Subject Matter Experts, Editors,Trainers and other professionals engaged in designing and developing content for eLearning, Training, or Publishing.

The ideal candidate for this course has a flair for writing, a strong urge to excel in the field of instructional design, a burning desire to awe the audience, and the willingness to work hard for two months for forging a future that shimmers with the confidence of knowledge.

Note 1: Past experience in content development, training, or higher-ed teaching will be considered favorably.

Note 2: This course will need your unwavering commitment and about 10 hours of your time on a weekly basis.

Expected Entry Skills:

Language Skills: Good command over written English
Computer Skills: Basic computer and Internet skills
Education: Graduation in any discipline

Primary Course Goal:

Upon completing this course, the participant should be able to design, develop, and storyboard instructionally effective elearning content on any subject for any audience.

Additionally, after completing this course, the learner will be able to confidently present his or her instructional viewpoint in front of interviewers, peers, seniors, clients, and other people from the industry. This course would help chart out a stronger growth path for the learner in the eLearning/Content Industry.

We believe that quite like the earlier participants of Creative Agni courses and training programs, the IDCDT Participant too will become an indispensable asset to his or her organization, and to the eLearning/Content Industry in general.

The IDCDT Content Outline:

    1. Instructional Design – What is it?
    2. Stating an Instructional Design problem
    3. Instructional Design – The Relationship between concept and practice
    4. The ID Process for designing and developing eLearning
    5. The ID Concepts – Theories and Models
      • The Three Approaches to Instructional Design
      • Knowles’ Theory of Andragogy
      • Keller’s ARCS Model of Motivation
      • The Three Learning Domains
      • Learning Styles
      • Bloom’s Taxonomy
      • Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction
      • ADDIE Model as applied to CDLC
      • Kirkpatrick Model for Summative Evaluation
      • The Cognitive Load Theory
      • Dale’s Cone of Experience
      • Dave's Taxonomy
      • Krathwohl's Taxonomy
    6. Instructional Design, eLearning, and Content Development
    7. eLearning Design and Development – the Framework
    8. Different Stages and the corresponding documents of the ID Process
    9. Training your mind to think like an Instructional Designer
    10. Writing Goals and Objectives/Competencies
    11. The ID Terminology – Right, Wrong, and the Overlaps
    12. The Three Analyses and how they lead to Course Design
    13. A fail-safe process for designing robust courses
    14. Content Structuring and Chunking
    15. Methods to select appropriate content
    16. Writing to reach your audience – language and style-mapping
    17. Understanding interactive learning for the remote audience
    18. Peripheral Learning for an instructional designer
    19. Understanding the internal audience
    20. Understanding the remote audience
    21. Storyboarding for clarity and process efficiency
      • Writing effective visual description
      • Writing Effective Voice-overs and Dialogs
      • Writing logical and complete interactivity description
    22. Ensuring the learning effectiveness of content through the right selection of guidance and reinforcement activities.
    23. Designing and writing evaluative activities.
    24. Writing introductory and Summative Content
    25. ID/content development standards prevalent in the industry
    26. Cultural Awareness of language issues – Indian vs. American/British
    27. Factoring culture into Instructional Design
    28. Introduction to various assessment types.
    29. Template-creation for various design and development documents
    30. Understanding the how and why of LMSs
    31. Introduction to SCORM-Conformance and ADL Standards
    32. Readability and Accessibility – Awareness and Appreciation
    33. Instructor-led Trainings - Structuring & Implementation
    34. Icebreakers – Concept and Design
    35. Training games – Concept and Design
    36. Instructional Storytelling
    37. Role Play activities – Concept and Design
    38. Assessment Rubrics – Concept and Application
    39. AR, VR, and MR from an ID viewpoint
    40. Impact of AI on content development

So how will we accomplish all this?

The IDCDT Course Methodology:

Instructional Design tells us how to create effective courses and learning programs, so to begin with, this course is designed and will be delivered strictly according to the same ID principles that it promises to help you master :)

Additionally, the IDCDT Certificate Course uses:

  1. Real-life cases and examples from the industry
  2. A project-based approach, right from Day 1.
  3. Assignments that enable you to practice what you’ve learned.
  4. Continuous Practice, Evaluation, and Feedback Creation of a:
    - Design Document
    - Storyboard Document
    - Macro Design Template
    - Course Design Template
    - Script/Storyboard Template
  5. Interactive Classroom Sessions** and Online Discussions

** In online implementation of the IDCDT Course, the classroom sessions will be conducted through the Zoom App.

Course Duration:

2.5 Months – 10 weeks. 2 sessions every Sunday with a ten-minute break in the middle.


Course Conducted By:

Shafali R. Anand
Founder & Chief Envisionist
Creative Agni Consulting and Training
Editor & Publisher -The FOUNT
Formerly, Chief Instructional Architect, Wavelength eLearning
(Shafali designed Wavelength’s Online Courses & Training Programs for Instructional Design and eLearning, and conducted/facilitated them for six years).

Shafali R. Anand writes, speaks, and conducts courses/training programs on Instructional Design, Creativity, and Cognitive Psychology. Read the Testimonials / Reviews of Creative Agni's course participants here.

Visit Shafali's LinkedIn page.

You can read more about Shafali here.

Course Fee:

Rs. 67,000/- for Indian Residents.
USD 1195.00 for International Participants.

Important Note: The fee is inclusive of all taxes and is payable in two equal instalments.

The IDCDT Certificate:

Upon your successful completion of the course, you will receive the Instructional Design for Content Development & Training Certificate from Creative Agni®.


How to Join the IDCDT Online Certificate Course?

If you are interested in taking the IDCDT Certificate course online to empower yourself as a content professional, please do the following.

  1. Read the course details (content outline, implementation methodology, course fee, relevant dates etc.) on this page carefully.
  2. Download the IDCDT Online application form, go through it carefully, and follow the instructions given within.
  3. Email the completed application form and supporting documents before the last date for submitting the application form.
  4. Applications are selected on their merit but since seats for each session are limited, if all other things are equal, admission is granted on first-come-first-served basis. This is why we recommend sending in your application as early as you can.

If you have any queries, email us at


Registrations are now OPEN for the July-Sept 2024 Session of the IDCDT Online Certificate Course.

(Classes on Zoom)

Course Commences on: July 14, 2024

Last Date for Submission of Application: June 15, 2024

Download the Application Form


The Instructional Design and Content
                        Develoment Certificate Course by Shafali R. Anand



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IDCDT (formerly IDCD) Course Participants' Views

"I had heard about IDCD course by Creative Agni and wanted to pursue it in order to refine my skills. Luckily, I got a chance to be a part of Creative Agni classes. The course curriculum and evaluation is very well structured. It was one of the best learning experiences I have ever had. All classes are interactive and Shafali teaches every concept in such a beautiful manner that one will remember it for lifetime. She puts in a lot of effort and creativity to deliver lessons on different theories and models of ID. The assignments make sure that we retain the concepts and start applying it practically in our work.

I completely enjoyed the course and would like to thank Shafali for being an excellent mentor. She has motivated me towards blogging and enhanced my writing skills to a large extent. I am very confident of ID concepts now and aim to pursue a career in ID. I would definitely like to recommend this course to everyone who wants to be an outstanding Instructional Designer."

- Pooja Malik, Sr. Research Associate, HITLAB (
Healthcare Innovation Technology Lab
), India Operations, New Delhi.

"I was introduced to IDCD course by my friend, with a strong word of mouth. The entire concept of Instructional Design inspired me so much that I decided to grab this opportunity.

I joined this course with high expectations and I am extremely happy that by the end of the course, my expectations were met exceedingly. The entire course was not only structured very well, but also executed brilliantly. Personally it was difficult for me to make out who is better, Shafali Ma’am as an ID or as an Instructor.

In order to pursue your career as an Instructional Designer (ID) or a Trainer, one of the main prerequisite is one should know, how to develop effective and purposeful course content. Creative Agni contributes exceptionally well in building and honing your skills for the same. It has also helped me to give a concrete direction to my creativity and passion, to impart learning and further my career in this industry.

My sincere thanks to Shafali Ma’am and Creative Agni for providing such a wonderful platform, and wish them luck in their endeavor to fulfill professional and personal dreams :) "

- Dilvinder Singh, Business Development Associate,
Pragmatic Travel Solutions, New Delhi

"I had a very strong recommendation from one of my friend that I should take the IDCD course by Creative Agni. I was extremely eager to take this course.

Upon joining, I felt the difference from the very first day. The strategies used in the course to inculcate the intricacies of Instructional Design were awesome. I had never experienced such an effective and efficient way of teaching. The course is a COMPLETE package not just for an ID aspirant but for professionals too!

I would highly recommend this course. "

- Amit Gupta, Associate Analyst,
, Gurgaon (Delhi-NCR)

"I feel that the IDCD course is great and it is one of the best learning experiences I ever had. I have enjoyed the course. Through this course I have learned about e-learning. The course has also motivated me to improve my writing skills. The IDCD course has given me a clear understanding of Instructional Design (imparting learning effectively).

The best thing about this course is that whatever I learned, I was asked to apply in the assignments and the project.

I’m thankful to Shafali for providing such an excellent course. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to become an Instructional Designer."

- Ajay Kumar Jha, Medical Writer, Wolters Kluwer Health, Gurgaon (Delhi NCR)

"The IDCD course was a great learning experience. I was exploring a new career option after a 10 years experience as a marketing coordinator and ID was one of the options that I was looking at. After discussing with Shafali I decided to take up the course as I did not have any elearning background. The 8 weeks programme removed my doubts and confusions about my choice of taking up the IDCD course. I did not just learn the various learning theories but was also able to map them to my personal experiences. The excellent course content and continuous motivation by Shafali has made even somebody like me, who is completely new to the elearning industry, confident of being able to pursue a career in instructional design."

- Sakshi Chawla, ex-Manager Spice Global, Delhi


"I had no idea a two-month course could be so rich a learning experience. However, I was in for a pleasant surprise - not only was it a rich learning experience, it opened so many doors all at once! Instructional design is much, too much in demand right now as the scope in the field of e-learning is limitless. IDCD happened to take two months of my full attention in order to deliver me ready and raring to go and explore the countless doors that have opened for me. The course is extremely well-designed. I have never seen a more dynamic and prepared teacher than Shafali Ma'm, to whom I would like to extend all the credit and gratefulness I feel after completing the course. Thank you for the powerful, interactive classes, the discussions at the discussion forum and all the fun assignments which ingrained instructional design in my mind."

- Nupur Khurana, Instructional Designer, US Tech Solutions, Noida (Delhi NCR)

Being a part of IDCD course was a wonderful experience. I was looking for a new career option in e-learning and came to know about IDCD course. I was fortunate that I was selected and got an opportunity to be part of it. Beginning from different theories and models to storyboarding, this course makes you understand every aspect of Instructional Design. Whatever I learned in this course, I applied it in my weekly assignments, discussion forum, quizzes and finally in my project and this is what this course is all about, understand and apply

I would really like to thank Shafali for going that extra mile and motivating us. Thank you so much for everything and wish you and Creative Agni all the success."

- Bhagwati Joshi, Data Management Specialist,
Honeywell International Pvt.Ltd.
, Gurgaon (Delhi-NCR)

"The IDCD course helped me understand the ID principles and models, which I can relate to my projects and apply effectively in designing and developing courses. In addition to teaching us about the ID strategies, Shafali Ma'am encouraged me to write and present the content in my own way, which helped in building my confidence. I got to learn more than I expected. The course motivates us to enjoy learning and this is what Instructional Design is all about. Heartful thanks to her :-)"

- Akanksha Vishnoi, Project Coordinator,
Trihedron Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
, New Delhi

"After working for more than 5 years in BPO and ePublishing industries, I wanted to switch my career to elearning. I was looking for reputed institutes in the country to get trained in Instructional Design. After much research I found Creative Agni in Noida. I did not hesitate to travel to Noida to take the Instructional Design and Content Development (IDCD) course. I am really glad that I underwent this training. Shafali's vast experience and her effective training methods as well as the concept and project assignments were the highlight of the program. This training program will be very beneficial for all who want to excel in the elearning industry."

- G.P.S.P Shyam, Customer Support Executive,
Reed Elsevier
, Chennai

I feel lucky to be the part of IDCD course by Shafali because it is one of the best learning experiences I have ever had. All classes were interesting, informative and interactive. This course helped me understand the ID principles and models, which directly related to the projects. From the very first class, we were into the professional mode.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience as I was looking for a change (career wise) in e-learning. I am thankful to Shafali for motivating us and showing the right path for our career.

- Saurabh Sisodia,
Business Correspondent,
ADI Media
, Noida (Delhi - NCR)

I was looking for a course in to Instructional Designing and was not able to find a good one. I found IDCD course online and got enrolled in the course.My initial expectations were to just touch the basics of the Instructional Designing but after the first class I realized that this course will cover the depth of the ID. The classes were very interactive this made me more engaged in to the course. The course curriculum and evaluation is very well structured.

All the classes were well planned with activities after every model or theory covered. Shafali puts in a lot of effort in to the course, every concept is explained with a story which gives more clarity.She motivates the participants which boosts their energy.This is the best course I have done so far. The best thing about this course is that you can start implementing what you have learned simultaneously and you don’t need to be an Instructional Designer to enroll and learn in this course. I will recommend this course to the ID aspirants for sure.

- Henna Sethi,
Instructional Designer.

"I had heard about the IDCD course from one of my colleagues. Since then I was interested in joining the course, and fortunately I got the chance to join it. After completing the course, I find it even more useful than what I had expected it to be. The course gave me a new vision and a new perspective towards designing and developing courses. I have learnt of many new things, which are really important in content writing and course design. The classroom interactions, assignments, quizzes, and discussions helped me hone my writing skills and creativity. It was really fabulous - a rich learning experience. I have learnt not only instructional design, but also a lot of other things on personal level during the course.

The course was very engaging, interactive and informative from all perspectives. I had not imagined that a course could be so interesting. All the credit goes to the Instructor, Shafali Ma'am. She is a mentor in the real sense. She made things easy to understand by providing relevant examples and analogies. She has designed the IDCD course brilliantly. I feel proud to be a part of this course and heartily thank her for giving me a chance to take up this course.

This course is a wonderful platform for all the ID aspirants and I wish Creative Agni and Shafali Ma'am all the success. Please keep up the good work."

- Poonam Mishra, Content Developer, (Mind Shaper Technologies), Gurgaon (Delhi NCR)

I have been in Learning & Development for 10 years now and have been through different training and development programs. IDCD was absolutely different from the past courses that I have been a part of. This course has helped me come out of my comfort zone and look at different options of developing the content effectively.

Shafali has been instrumental in bringing the training concepts to life and has made me apply concepts in day to day activities. The course has been structured in such a way that it is extremely engaging and keeps one on their toes. Storyboarding was one of the best part of this course. It allowed me to understand how an online course can be made in an engaging way. It allowed me to be creative.

Thank you Shafali for a wonderful learning experience.

- Mohana Nandi,
Senior Manager-Customer Service,
Indiamart Intermesh Ltd.
, Noida.

It was a great learning experience. The way Shafali mentored, starting from scratch and continuing till the end has not only helped in learning Instructional Design but also created a zeal to learn more and more. This course has already started reaping me fruitful results in my work and I am looking forward to using everything that I learnt during IDCD. Thank you Shafali, for being such a great teacher, for keeping us on our toes, and giving such an interesting assignments and drawing learning through them. And last but not the least Storyboarding was an additional boost to confidence.

Thank you once again.

- Akanksha Sharma,
Assistant Manager-Learning and Development,
Indiamart Intermesh Ltd.
, Noida.

IDCD was never a course for me. It was a way towards my transformation. I was a banker serving my notice period when I joined IDCD. I had been in the Banking & Financial Services Industry for past 11 years with nothing to do in Instructional Design (ID) per se. I joined this course as I wanted to become a teacher in finance and while pursuing this course, I realized I had everything to do with the ID principles taught in this course.

I promise all those who join this course are sure to get the following three things:
1. A realistic opportunity of becoming great in your domain.
2. A gala learning experience.
3. A never before kind of a mentor and a real true friend in Shafali.

I feel lucky to have completed this course. Thank you God, Thank you Shafali.

- Varun Chandna,
Ex-Manager (Credit Analysis),
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
, New Delhi Branch.

It was a beautiful and systematic journey into the enchanting world of instructional design. All I would like to say is, once on-board “Creative Agni Airways”, fasten your seat-belt, and wholeheartedly entrust your zeal for knowledge and aspirations to carve a niche for yourself in this demanding yet expanding space, in the able hands of the pilot - Shafali, who will ensure that you reach your destination, by empowering you with her years of laudable experience and expertise.

For those who wish to embark on this journey, the only baggage allowed is a suitcase of curiosity and a rucksack of enthusiasm.

It doesn’t matter, if your thoughts on the subject are still formative and fluid, what’s exciting about the IDCD programme is, the availability of a great platform, to crystallize them, to create immersive and engaging learning experiences for learners.

Once again thank you Shafali!

- Oscar Lawrence,
Deputy Manager - Mobile Learning & Engagement Solutions,
Mahindra Comviva
, Gurgaon (Delhi NCR

As a participant in the Instructional Design and Content Development (IDCD) Certificate course, my overall experience has been overwhelmingly positive to say the least. Shafali conducted the classes in a very comprehensive manner. What I particularly liked about the classes was the fact that Shafali first made us familiar with the various theories and models of Instructional Design and thereafter, she ensured that we implement those concepts in practical Instructional Design assignments. The result was the marriage of theory and application which undoubtedly enriched my learning of the subject. Furthermore, the online discussion forum where we participated regularly helped all of us to hone our skills in the fundamentals of Instructional Design.

I would recommend the IDCD course to anyone who would like to gain expertise in Instructional Design. I have no doubt that this course will throw new insights and help a new learner gain a firm foothold in the field of Instructional Design.

- Rajdeep Guha,
Content Editor,
CL Educate
, New Delhi

The IDCD course was an absolute roller coaster ride. Right from Day 1, it was always a new experience everyday. Every assignment that was given to us, acted as a catalyst to start the processing of our cerebral abilities.

Storyboarding was one activity I enjoyed the most. It allowed me to go to the untrodden bylanes of my creative habitat. I am looking for new challenges now and create one of a kind courses for all kinds audience.

Thank you Shafali for your guidance and your patience.

- Siddhartha Chakraborty,
Instructional Designer,
G-Cube Solutions
, Noida (Delhi NCR

I had heard about Shafali's IDCD course a few years back and ever since, had been waiting for the opportunity to be able to join this course. Finally, when I joined this course, I could immediately see why the IDCD course is so highly reputed. This course isn't only a learning experience - it is a transformational experience. Under Shafali's deft guidance, of course you will learn how to create great courses; but you'll also relearn what it is to truly learn new things and explore them, and also what it is like to have a great educator and mentor.

Thank you for all this, and so much more, Shafali! I can't wait for another opportunity to learn from you again!

- Himangini Shukla,
Asst. Manager - Global Content Development Team,
, Gurgaon (Delhi NCR)

I love training and was looking for course/s that would help me add more skills to my current role and excel in Learning & Development industry. This is when the thought of Instructional Design struck my mind. I researched online for relevant courses and came across IDCD course via Creative Agni. I went through the course details and thoroughly read Shafali's succinct introduction on the website, which was very impressive that I could not stop myself from attending the Freebie (free workshop). She is called “a whole-brain thinker' which is absolutely true as after attending the workshop I felt so motivated about enrolling myself in the course and I did :).

I must say it's an excellent course which is extensive and covers all necessary aspects of Instructional Design which will help you design great courses in future, though more than that, an individual grows throughout the course. These 8 weeks have been so rich in learning that I could have never imagined of being possible anywhere. The way the course has been designed, which includes Classroom sessions, Weekly Concept Assignments and the most important contributor - 'the discussion forum', it ensures that you learn with every step you take. One becomes aware of his/her strengths & weaknesses. The classroom sessions keep you all pepped-up & attentive.

Most importantly, Shafali - someone whom I admire for the way she explains everything, for her Creativity - which is Remarkable and her Knowledge - which is Commendable. I respect her for the expertise she has and not to forget her love for Instruction Design.

I can go on & on about the qualities of this course, for its effectiveness & concepts covered and Shafali for being a tremendous facilitator, mentor and an inspiration. Altogether, this course has been one of the best learning experiences and it will stay with me throughout my life. It gave me the confidence to pursue my career in Instructional Design. I feel privileged to have attended this course as it gives you the push that you need in your life, to go the extra mile.

I certainly recommend this course to those who have a passion to learn, grow and succeed in this fraternity."

- Manika Malik,
Asst. Manager Training,
NTT Data Services
, Noida (Delhi-NCR)

IDCDT Course earlier the IDCD Course)
Participants' Views

I was nervous when I started the IDCDT course because it was a new beginning for my career and I wasn't sure if I would be able to complete the course successfully or not. However, Shafali guided me throughout the entire course. I now believe that enrolling in this course was the best decision I ever made. I am convinced that no one who wishes to pursue a career as an instructional designer should pass up the opportunity to take the IDCDT course from Creative Agni.

The course design is distinctive in its own! This course is delivered in an unusual manner. We learned the important principles of ID through a variety of methods, which are beautifully executed by our mentor Shafali in her own unique way. Every piece of feedback she provided was extremely valuable to me. Her constructive feedback always taught me something new, which helped me excel in my assignments, project and discussions. My personal experience has shown that learning from her has resulted in a significant change within myself. Through this course, she helped me reconnect with my inner self. The things I had forgotten, my experiences and life lessons- they were all recalled somewhere along the way.

Shafali has always guided me on a personal level, even during the most difficult times. I'd like to express my gratitude to her for all of her advice and motivation. Thank you so much for being an inspiration to me. My experience with this course was extremely beneficial in terms of understanding the e-learning industry. Thank you for bring out my creative side as an Instructional Designer.

- Komal Anand,
(Ex-Career Coach, Edubridge Learning Pvt. Ltd.)

‘What’ and ‘How’ were the two considerations when I was contemplating transitioning from my existing domain. Once it was decided that I wanted to switch to Instructional Design, the next question was how to proceed. After a careful scrutiny of the options available, I went ahead with the IDCDT course by Creative Agni.

And what an experience it was!

Learning from Shafali was like being an Instructional Designer in a role-play, and she as a mentor, made sure that I play this role like a pro. IDCDT course not only made all the necessary concepts crystal clear but also helped me mould my existing skills as per the requisites of this new field.

This course is a force that will catapult your career. I would highly recommend this, as for me, this journey meant a lot more than getting a certificate.

Thanks, Shafali.

- Vikas Bahuguna,
(Ex-Senior Editor -Scroll, New Delhi.)

The IDCDT Online course was an invaluable learning experience for me. The course is exceptionally well-structured. The assignments, discussion forum, class activities, project and constructive feedback enhanced my understanding of each week's topics.

Throughout this course, I gained new skills and improved many of my existing skills. All this will be valuable as I restart my professional career.

Shafali was an exceptional mentor from the day one. She was like a true friend, who could see my worries and fears. The knowledge, wisdom, support and encouragement that I got from her are priceless for me. I am eternally grateful to her for everything that I learned during this course.

Thank you Shafali, for your love, care, support, guidance and encouragement.

- Kiran Rana,
Ex-Teacher now Instructional Designer, G-Cube Solutions, Noida, Delhi NCR

The IDCD Online Course is made for those who want to embark on this really special learning journey with Shafali. She has been an absolutely fantastic guide all along. I loved her methodology as it inculcated thinking and then looking for answers within rather than the usual searching the web. Assignments made us learn, practice and delve into the concepts each day solidifying our base. She gave us extensive feedback each time and put in a lot of effort.

I would definitely recommend this course as there is practical application of the knowledge similar to the real world scenario. Thus one comes out as a confident Instructional Designer ready to work on real projects.

I would like to sincerely thank Shafali for being 100% invested in us throughout the course duration to ensure that we are able to grasp the knowledge and apply it correctly.

- Shally Gambhir,
Specialist Digital Marketing & Content,
Google Operations Center, India
, Gurugram (Gurgaon), Delhi NCR

Before I began, I was unprepared to start a two and a half month’s course, which I knew was going to crave for my abiding attention and commitment. But then I made up my mind to take this course. Now I strongly believe that no aspiring Instructional designer should miss the life-time opportunity to pursue the IDCD course from Creative Agni.

The program design is unique in its own way! It is a complete blend of conventional and non-conventional methods that are executed beautifully by mentor Shafali in her unique way, of course! Every feedback - be it appreciation or criticism, matters a lot as is given in a constructive manner and works wonders for you as the course proceeds. Her timely instructions and reminders about the upcoming assignments, workload, and challenges help you to be aware and prepared.

Thank you Shafali, for your advice and timely suggestions. They have helped me remain focussed and come through the toughest of times. Your suggestions about how to handle the workspace issues and foresightedness have helped me analyze my decisions. You walk ahead of time to predict the cause and effect of the situations. Thanks to Creative Agni, and to Shafali for being such an amazing mentor.

- Megha,
Content Writer,
Inforpro Learning
, Noida. (Delhi NCR)

I heard about Creative Agni’s IDCD course long back from one of my colleagues and she had strongly recommended this course if one seriously wanted to pursue a career in Instructional Design.

At the very onset of the course, I realized that this is one of the best decisions I have made on the professional front. Shafali's way of making people learn is of another league. The detailing of every concept is filled with so many personal and professional examples that it's difficult not to understand it. Then, there are discussion forum posts and weekly assignments afterwards that make your understanding clearer and stronger. Assignments were challenging and they were designed to bring best out of you. And such was the experience that I really miss those assignments and discussions now. Overall the journey of this course was nothing less than a realization for me.

So if you are thinking of a career in ID, Creative Agni is the right way.

- Jyotsna Shrivastava,
Consultant, Capgemini Engineering, Noida - Delhi NCR.

I came to know about Creative Agni on Internet a few months back and then I got this golden chance to join the course. I was looking for a classroom-based ID course. Being a trainer, initially I was interested in the IDST course. However, based on my experience & qualifications, Shafali suggested the IDCD course.

The IDCD course is well structured and it was lot of fun along with learning. There were online discussions, concept assignments, quizzes and project assignments, which made the learning experience effective. I really liked the way Shafali conducted this course. Her invaluable advice during the course has really helped me in performing well. Thank you so much Shafali for your support, encouragement and a great learning experience. The IDCD course was one of the best learning experiences of my life.

- Navneet Kaur Bhatia,
Sr. Operational Trainer,
Medical Coding (India)
Optum Global solutions, Noida.

Upon joining the IDCD course, I realized that this is one of the best courses I have ever attended. The course is very well designed and its structure well communicated. A big thanks to Shafali for making this course so interesting and easy to understand. If it would not have been for her I couldn't have taken my quest of ID further. You taught all those ID theories and models so well that I will not forget them ever. Your constructive feedback not only helped me improve my learning skills but also kept me motivated through such a new course. My experience of instructional design, throughout the course, has been quite enriching.

- Suchita Roy,
Instructional Designer,
SPI Global,

Shafali R.Anand is the gold tag for Instructional Design Courses. Before enrolling for this course, I was experiencing some performance-anxiety, as this was a totally new field for me. Yet, right from the very first day, I began experiencing deep creative learning. I am a creative person but before the course I couldn’t explore my creativity as such. The best part of the course was online discussions and posts about our learning but even that required creativity.

Through the course activities, Shafali molded us into a creative learner. I really liked the way the course was conducted. Shafali's invaluable advice during the course has helped me put my best in the area of writing and I now look forward to applying my ID learning in my profession as a content creator.

Thank you so much, Shafali!

- Samieraa Yusuf,
Content Creator, Writer and Poet.

Before the IDCD course at Creative Agni, “Instructional Design” sounded like a term used too often by the elites living in the utopian world. The pedagogy adopted for sharing knowledge at Creative Agni together with useful assignments and interesting online discussions definitely put the course in a league way different from the rest. Once you are through the course, you are ready to give the much needed thrust to your career.

So take the bull by its horns and get going!!

- Geetanjali Negi,
Sr. Content Writer,
MothersonSumi INfotech and Design Ltd. (MIND)

Dear Shafali, It is a pleasure to know you and learn Instructional Design from you. On a personal front, I have never been inspired by anyone so much till date, my experience through out this course was very enriching in terms of knowledge and understanding about the e-learning industry. Thank you for making Instructional Design so interesting, exciting and competitive all through out and motivating continuously to bring out the creative side of me as an Instructional Designer.

- Neetee Saharia,
L&D Specialist,
FEDEX India, Gurgaon

We, a lot of times, have a goal in mind but charting a path to reach that goal is always a challenge. Shafali and her meticulously designed course have helped me create that path to become an Instructional Designer. If you are like me, you would have considered theories the part to sleep through in school. During this course though, you will see how they manifest as you design a program.

Trust this program to make your mind agile and thus creative, it will equip you with necessary tools to create a program that appeals and helps your audience. There are activities that polish the learner. All this, coupled with Shafali's guidance and how she makes the program fun for her students to keep them engaged and learn well. If they see it then it also serves as a model of what a classroom, instrumental in learning, should look like. It lets the learner feel empowered like this program has made us.

- Ankita Chawla,
Student Engagement Executive,
One Step Up,

After attending Shafali's classes for the IDCD course, I realized that learning need not be just skin-deep.

The design of the IDCD course is a master piece of art, not only are we learning about various theories, models and frameworks during the event of the course, rather we are participants in a similar kind of framework while undertaking the course. Initially, I wasn't sure of starting my career as an Instructional designer, however today, after the completion of the course, I am proud of having made this choice, thanks to the confidence instilled by my mentor Shafali and her intricately designed course.

The course was no short of a roller-coaster ride and I thoroughly enjoyed every turn it took. I was fascinated of how beautifully this course took me through Instructional design and content development that it is now almost "running in my blood." Thank you Shafali for supporting me through this course, I will certainly look forward to attending another one in the near future!

- Kirandeep Singh,
Instructional Designer,
Inforpro Learning
, Noida. (Delhi NCR)

To begin with, this course has been one of its kind in my academic/professional/personal journey so far. The course has been designed such that each learning session is a milestone towards bringing the best out of the learner. I am fortunate that I was part of the course as it not only made me learn Instructional Design but also made me think out of the box. Shafali brings the best out of the course participants and I am grateful to her for making me an evolved person both professionally and personally!

- Ranjana Sharma,
Assistant Development Editor,
Pearson Education, India
, Noida.

I came to know about Creative Agni’s IDCD course from one of my colleagues a few months back and then I got this golden chance to join the course. The IDCD course is systematically designed, as one starts learning from the basics and develops their cognitive skills from the very first day of the class. The examples, ideas, and stories told by Shafali were very interesting, which makes the learning process easier and immersive. This course helped me understand the various models and principles of instructional design.

Moreover, Shafali is a wonderful mentor and gives her 100% to each student in the class. Thank you, Shafali for giving me this opportunity and showing me the right path in terms of my career.

- Amanpreet Kaur,
Content Writer,
Chilliscoop Digital Solutions
, Gurugram (Delhi NCR)

Thank you Shafali, for being my mentor. The IDCD course was one of the best learning experiences of my life. Shafali works on developing our thought process and helps align it with the concepts of instructional design. This helped me become more creative and innovative than ever before.

Thanks Creative Agni for igniting the creative fire within me.

- Khalid Abrar,
Independent Trainer,
Future Sharp Skills Pvt. Ltd
, Mumbai.

IDCD course has been very well designed to give you an edge in your domain. Shafali is absolutely brilliant with her approach to make you understand the theories, concepts and models related to learning and content development and her assignments help you to apply the learning. The detailed feedback that one gets for the assignments motivates us to do better the next time.

This course is like a journey of transformation which gets better week by week. It starts from learning theories and concepts and applying all of them in the project assignments. Shafali makes every possible effort to help unleash one’s potential by encouraging us to come out of our shells. As Shafali has enormous amount of experience in content development, the learning is not limited to the course; one can end up learning about professionalism, Integrity, time management and business ethics. A huge thank you to Shafali for a splendid learning experience.

- Rohit Aneja,
Training Manager,
Barclays Shared Services
, Noida.

I have been in the training domain for last 11 years. Was looking to enhance my skills and learn more around the same. This thought helped me to look for courses in ID. Found Shafali, and went for the 1st free workshop. Was stunned to learn the depth around learning and its methodologies.

Shafali is a mentor in true sense. The program is designed in a manner that it will be easier to understand the theories and models around training and ID. The “Litmus tip” provided is amazing. The flow of training is great. The way the activities have been designed, you are taken through a rigorous work and the feedback process is amazing.

I recommend this training for all levels of professionals in training domain. Your insight towards planning or conducting training will change. The change is for good. Believe me, its amazing and I recommend this to all.

- Rajesh Sanyal,
Manager - Learning & Development,
Xchanging - a CSC Company
, Gurgaon (Delhi NCR

The IDCD Online Course was a beautiful journey for me, a course which I can never forget. While pursuing the IDCD Online, I had health issues and I also lost my job because of Covid, but irrespective of challenges, Shafali as a mentor was always there to guide and support. It would had been extremely difficult for me to complete the course without her guidance.

Once you join the course, Shafali will ensure that you reach your destination. All you need to do is - just keep the level of your curiosity high and you will be successful.

Thank you Shafali for everything.

- Aarti Sidhu,
Leader - Learning Specialist,
, Gurugram (Gurgaon), Delhi NCR

Whatever certificates I’ve got in my entire life, the IDCD Online certificate is the most valuable for me.

In the last two years, I have gone through many Instructional design courses. I have so many certificates, but they all are just certificates. Those courses did not impart the ID skills I wanted. I never felt confident working as an instructional designer after going through those courses. But after attending the IDCD Online course, I can say this with 100% surety that I am now confident of working as an instructional designer. In fact, anyone can become an effective instructional designer after attending this course.

And it was not just the course - In Shafali I found a mentor and a great human being as my coach and facilitator. I am thankful that I got this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from her.

- Vikrant Dangi,
Sr. Content Development Specialist,
SE2 India
, Gurugram (Gurgaon), Delhi NCR

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