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Instructional Design, Training, and Rapid Authoring (IDTRA) Primer Workshop

(A Free Workshop by Shafali R. Anand)


Important Note: Seats are limited and registrations will be done on first-come-first-served basis.

Date: June 24, 2018 (Sunday)
Time: 10:00 AM
Duration: 3.5 hours
Venue: The Workshop shall be held in Noida. The Venue shall be advised through the confirmatory email by June 21, 2018 (Thursday.)
Inquiry email: Write to me at:

Workshop Brief:

Instructional Design is a core-skill for anyone in the area of content/training. Instructionally designed content achieves the learning goal with more effectiveness and less cost; it eliminates the risk of a learning program bombing upon being served to the audience, and it ensures that the learning not just reaches the learners but stays with them so that they can apply it productively. Instructional Design, unlike technology doesn't change at a maddening pace.

Rapid Authoring or Rapid eLearning Development has recently begun to sound synonymous to content development for learning. Job descriptions that were once completely focused on instructional design and content development have quietly started including the names of rapid authoring tools and while the knowledge of a rapid authoring tool might not be a determining factor in a candidate's selection for the job of content/training development, it's definitely becoming an important value-add.

Training requires both content development and content delivery. Rapid authoring reduces the cost of content development tremendously and it enables organizations to create eLearning content, usually to support their training programs, quickly and cost-effectively. While Instructional Design defines the character of any learning program and ensures its instructional effectiveness, Rapid Authoring enables one to create eLearning content without setting up a whole eLearning development team....and this is why the complete learning professional of tomorrow would possess both the skills - ID and Rapid Authoring.

This workshop will explore the relationships between the different facets of learning while focusing on Instructional Design, Content Development, Training, and Rapid Authoring. Its goal would be to answer the professional queries of those who want to understand how all these are connected and how skilling-up in these areas could help them.

Conducted By:
Shafali R. Anand
Founder & Chief Envisionist
Creative Agni
Editor & Publisher - Creative Agni - An eZine for Instructional Design & eLearning.
Formerly, Chief Instructional Architect, Wavelength
(Shafali R. Anand designed Wavelength’s Instructional Design Courses & Training Programs and conducted/facilitated them for six years.) Read the views of Creative Agni's course participants here.

Who Should Attend?

  • Content Developers and Instructional Designers who are working in eLearning/Content Development Organizations or Publishing Houses, and who want to figure out how instructional design could help them develop more effective content in a more efficient manner.
  • Trainers and Training Content Developers who want to understand how instructional design can provide them with a framework to develop more effective training programs, quickly and confidently, and how the knowledge of a rapid authoring tool could enhance their opportunities.
  • Training Managers and other Senior Professionals working the Learning Domain, who want to review how a combination of ID and Rapid Authoring could help their organization's L&D function more robust.
  • Mass Communication graduates, other graduates with a flair for writing, especially if they are contemplating a career in the field of content development.
  • eLearning programmers with strong writing skills contemplating a shift into instructional design/content development.
  • Professionals with ability to write/speak well who are from other fields who are contemplating a career change to Content/Training due to early retirement or any other reason.

Objectives of the Workshop:

The main objectives of this workshop are:

  • Explain how Instructional Design, Content Development, Training, and Rapid Authoring (Rapid elearning Development) are related.
  • Illustrate what ID is and how it's applied, through a selected theory from the wide array of theories and models that make up the discipline of Instructional Design.
  • Determine the skill and the role that fits the participant through a discussion on the several roles and requirements that exist in the learning arena.
  • Answer queries that the participants may have about growth possibilities and career change.

The Content Outline for the IDTRA Workshop:

1. Instructional Design Practice
2. Illustration of ID Application through an ID concept.
3. ID, Training, Content Development, and Rapid eLearning Development - How they relate with one another?
4. KSA matrix for the roles that exist in the Learning space and what should you gun for.
5. Rapid Authoring or Rapid eLearning Development - what it is and what it requires.
6. The complete learning professional of tomorrow - what is she or he made of? (Mettle-check)
7. Filling the gaps and skilling-up so that you understand everything you do in your job and do it to perfection.
8. Question-Answer Session

Date: June 24, 2018 (Sunday)
Time: 10:00 AM
Duration: 3.5 hours
Venue: The Workshop shall be held in Noida. The Venue shall be advised through the confirmatory email by June 21, 2018 (Thursday.)
Inquiry email: Write to me at:


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